Saturday, August 3, 2013

Abbey Additions

Part of my summer vacation included a re-visit to Holy Cross Abbey in Canon City, Colorado. There were more artifacts to see and additional rooms have been opened. I discovered two more crosses which could be added to this older post.

Two years ago, the old library was sealed off, but today you can enter this spacious room. The original library portion was to one side and raised; the base floor was used as a dining hall. Eat and then study!

I liked the windows.
The walls are very bare at this point; however, this carving of The Last Supper had been hung.
There is no indicator of the artist's identity. I believe Judas, on the right, is the only one wearing sandals, and you can see him clutching his little bag of coins.
One door lead back into the South Parlor with the old furniture that intrigued me on my earlier visit, including the old organ. 

When I toured The Abbey this time, we were told that this organ does indeed still work.

I remember poking around down a dark corridor before; it is now another set of rooms open to the public. Many artifacts are housed in here to depict the life of the monks but there are very few informational plaques.

Their wardrobe doesn't offer much variety.
This appears to be a hanging dish drainer - it saves counter space!
I wish I knew for sure what this is. My guess is that it served as a little tabernacle or monstrance for storing consecrated hosts. One thing for sure is that I do like the little hearts on the cover! For this reason, I will link to Clytie's Guest Heart Thursday so they can join the other hearts that have been found this week.

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  1. I'm glad they're doing so much renovating - what a different life was lead!

    I'm not sure what the glass was for either - but I LOVE the little hearts on the cover!


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