Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not Your Average Basement

The Abbey does offer paranormal tours; the basement is a registered place for this sort of thing. We were on a regular tour which was creepy enough especially with the combination of being in "Off Limits" places and possessing somewhat active imaginations.
Other signs entertained us as we made our way back down all four floors.
These urinals were included on our tour - - - something about them being duals and face-to-face. Whatever.
 Couldn't help feeling relieved that we missed going up this particular ramp. How many up and down corridors are there, anyway?
We finally arrived ... down ... in the ... basement.
Volunteers are currently working on a few rooms for the display of Indian artifacts. When the Abbey was being constructed, the monks lived in the "Indian Lore Building" which I believe was located on the back portion of the property.
This long hall was a dining room, I think. Maybe for the monks? The high school boys ate in the big room where the library was located; the Abbot ate alone on the first floor. This was also the kitchen area where the nuns prepared all the meals.
The nuns also made and sold bread; this is the screen they used to "brand" their products.
There were all sorts of fun, interesting nooks and crannies to check out.
And then things got a little .... stinky. My brother doesn't seem to mind, but two of his grandsons beg to differ!

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